Wednesday, July 13, 2011

July Fourteen

I'm still obsessed with crazy homemade beauty treatments. Today is day two of going shampoo free (no-poo). I used the baking soda shampoo and a apple cider vingear conditioner on Tuesday morning, haven't washed it since then. It's feeling alright. Perhaps a little bit greasey, but I think I've convinced myself that it's a nice natural good for your hair kinda grease. Tonight I will wash it again .

I also tried olive oil as a moisturiser. I read somewhere that you can used it for everything. Everything being a cleasner and a moisturiser. It sounds good, but what got me when someone else said that their Grandmother used it. Apparently she would drizzle a little of olive oil on her hands and then rub it into her face and arms. Cheap? Easy? Grandmother approved? Done deal. And it works! I used about a teaspoon and rubbed it into my face and arms. It doesn't smell, in fact Nick said it smelled nice (I think that translates as 'no detectable smell'). It's not greasy and it moisturised better than my current moisturisers!

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Hope Adela Pasztor said...

Those look so yummy and refreshing! =)