Sunday, May 23, 2010


This weekend's dicey weather and my diminished purse made for little in the way of shopping. I managed a trip to the supermarket and the Grey Lynn/Richmond Rd Farmers Market. At the market I was chasing French Macarons, which were worth the trip, but also picked up a bottle of homemade Ginger beer. Yum. On Saturday Nick and I had coffee at a new shop on Dominion Road called Gingerbirds. The coffee was alright, but we'll return once they're a bit more organised and have sprouted a few more tables in the courtyard.

So instead of this weeks finds, I'll share a few older finds and a few of my favorite things. I got this picture of the Spaceshuttle at a garage sale for $3.50. The woman thought it was a 40s picture of an airplane. Silly. I didn't correct her and giggled in the car instead.This television table with Neuschwanstein Castle is from the Sallies in Hamilton. It reminds me of Chitty Chitty Bang Bang and I like to think of it as an travel souvenir. They must have really liked it as it's not your usual keyring or purse.
My Diana F+ was a purchase for a friends wedding. I really wanted to take some photos for her and it was a nice excuse to buy what is a silly plastic camera. Mother disapproved, but I happily bought it regardless. I've been meaning to buy the 35mm adapter for quite a while now to make it a more affordable camera.
And finally, Zac gave me a copy of 'Ladies, a plate', a most wonderful book of New Zealand baking recipes. They're pretty much foolproof and I even made the pavlova of Christmas from it. Zac got to meet the author Alexa Johnston and was kind enough to take my book and have her autograph it!

I'm hoping next weekend will yield treasures. I get paid on Wednesday and am already planning delicious things, like breakfast at Dizengoff and rummaging at the Eastern Bays recycle sale. I can't wait!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

brown laces

I've decided to include a few of my recent favorite finds. There's no better way to spend a Saturday morning (apart from in bed) than out trawling.
These two pairs of shoes I got at a church garage sale up the road for $3 each. The brown boots needed a new heel, but it was more than worth it as they were just what I was looking for.
I found this cute little book on golf at St Vincent de Paul in Frankton. It matches another I have on rollerskating, which I'll photograph once I find it again.
Finally this New Order double cassette I brought from the Mercy Hospice Shop in Mt Eden. As I have a minor obsession with their track Temptation it was a worthwhile purchase. There were quite a few tapes on offer, obviously someone was clearing out their collection. I also picked up a Kate Bush Best of and albums by The Cure and The Mockers.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

seeking a book and a bag

This weekend we stopped in at the Epsom Rotary book fair at the War Memorial Hall, had breakfast at Revel and went browsing on Krd, Takapuna and Onehunga.
At the book fair I snagged these cookbooks, hopefully chock full of tried and true delights. We also took home a pocket guide to Photography, a book on Embroidery, seven Sega Mega-system games and Jane Fonda's Workout Book, which will go nicely with my collection of Jane Fonda exercise tapes. Feel the burn!
On our trip to Onehunga netted Nick a blue striped shirt and a gift for my flatmates upcoming birthday (which I will reveal later) from St Vincent de Paul. After our delicious breakfast at Revel, we had to shelter from the rain at Peachy Keen, where Nick found an awesome pair of Italian leather shoes.
After missing the markets at Takapuna, we stopped in a the Hospice shop where I found this cute bamboo handled bag for only 50 cents.