Sunday, May 16, 2010

seeking a book and a bag

This weekend we stopped in at the Epsom Rotary book fair at the War Memorial Hall, had breakfast at Revel and went browsing on Krd, Takapuna and Onehunga.
At the book fair I snagged these cookbooks, hopefully chock full of tried and true delights. We also took home a pocket guide to Photography, a book on Embroidery, seven Sega Mega-system games and Jane Fonda's Workout Book, which will go nicely with my collection of Jane Fonda exercise tapes. Feel the burn!
On our trip to Onehunga netted Nick a blue striped shirt and a gift for my flatmates upcoming birthday (which I will reveal later) from St Vincent de Paul. After our delicious breakfast at Revel, we had to shelter from the rain at Peachy Keen, where Nick found an awesome pair of Italian leather shoes.
After missing the markets at Takapuna, we stopped in a the Hospice shop where I found this cute bamboo handled bag for only 50 cents.

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