Friday, October 7, 2011

October Seven

All done! 
It's all rather wrinkled after a day of wearing. hehe.
I managed to cut the waist on the skirt a little too big so there's some extra bulk on the hips. 
It was easy to put together with Casey's excellent instructions!
I went for a hand-picked slashed zip in the centre back and put pockets in the sides. 
The seams are pinked and I did the hem by hand.

 I'll planning on making another soon in pink or blue or polka dots!


Mazzy said...

I love it! Such a cool colour and you know how I love a skirt with pockets!! Here's a dim question for you. What does it mean that the seams are pinked?

Katherine said...

Lol, just means I used pinking shears on them?!

Rhonda said...

really love the green with polka dots :)

Katherine said...

Thanks! Everything is better with polka dots right?!