Monday, May 6, 2013

May Sixth

Today was my boyfriend's graduation! Yipee! He finally got his Master of Science. Again it rained hardcore during the day, hence the beret to protect my freshly washed hair hehe. Prepare yourself for more awkward and out of focus photos, this time courtesy of the boyfriend.

May 6th

May 6th
Top:Kmart Skirt:Made by me! Tights:Gift Shoes:Melissa Beret:Gift

I made this skirt as part of Casey's circle skirt sew-along. However, I had miscalculated the waist and ended up having to put in four pleats to take up the extra fabric. And after realising it was kind of out proportion wise on me, I cut 4 inches off it. Now I wear it all the time! Yipee!


Mallory Xavier said...

WHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!! Super cute colour and I like the shoes too. I did a twist fringe today and it turned out perfect. Thanks for the link! I always messed my fringe up before

Jen said...

Yay, I love circle skirts! I love the green colour on you :)

Benlovesting said...

Congratulations to your boyfriend!