Thursday, May 2, 2013

May First

I'm back! It's Me-Made-May and I've pledged to wear at least two handmade garments a week AND to refashion or finish one other item every week. I wore my Simplicity 1880 wrap dress with some tights, a skivvy and my new favourite op shops shoes (they were just $1!). I feel like the colour is a little bit dull on me, but I'd might as well wear it. 

May 1st

I did a few hours of lab work until Tamzen and I went to see Lawrence Arabia (the singer) at the Wine Cellar. It was absolutely amazing! Here is a sneaky video Tamzen took. He took mostly requests and this song is originally a Reduction Agents number. 


Mallory Xavier said...

I want that dress!! Can I borrow the pattern when I next come up please?

Katherine said...

Yes indeedy! It also has a shirt waist option. There are some seriously cute ones

Jen said...

Can I pick your brains about the wrap dress pattern? I'm looking for a knit wrap dress pattern with sleeves for a wool/cotton stretchy jersey I have and would love to know whether you think it would work with my fabric :)

Yay for Me Made May :)

Mallory Xavier said...

It's SO cute!!

SewIThought said...

Looks really great - can't wait to see more this month!

Katherine said...

Hello Jen! I wouldn't recommend this particular pattern for any stretch fabric as the design has pleats and gathers and a shoulder yoke. Also, the skirt has a seam down the front which is a bit heavy. Not impossible in a stretch, but not worth the effort? This pattern looks really good